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Ease jQuery UI development with a Fluqi library

Change Log

I never expected Fluqi to gather such interest so soon and it's fantastic that it has.

I've noticed, and fixed, a couple of issues since the first release. Here are the details of these changes, which may help you with migrating your existing code.

1.12.1 - Upgrade to version 1.12.1 of jQuery UI library

1.11.0 - Upgrade to version 1.11.0 of jQuery UI library

1.10.3 - Upgrade to latest jQuery and jQuery UI libraries

1.9.0 - breaking build

jQuery UI 1.9.0 was released a few weeks back. This brings some major changes including the new menu, spinner and tooltip widgets. Naturally this version of Fluqi add support for these new widgets.

As part of this release the jQuery UI team have depreciated quite a few methods. I've taken the step of removing these entry points to Fluqi rather than mark them as obsolete. This is to discourage users from using something that will disappear later. Some methods have also been renamed, and Fluqi has had it's entry points renamed too.

If you need to use any of the entry points laid out in the jQuery UI 1.9 Upgrade Guide I suggest you hold fire on version 0.1.6 of Fluqi.

In any case I implore you to review the upgrade guide for jQuery UI before upgrading to Fluqi 1.9.0.

New users of Fluqi should use version 1.9.0 if their application can also take 1.9.0 of jQuery UI.

In an attempt to reduce confusion I intend to keep the version of Fluqi in line with the version of jQuery UI required. Hence the massive jump from 0.1.6 to 1.9.0.



0.1.5 was a bad build, please ignore. Use 0.1.6 instead.





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